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Poor workplace design and layout can contribute to workplace injury. Hours at our desks or behind the wheel of a vehicle can lead to repetitive strain injuries and neck and back pain. Left untreated these can become chronic and result in expensive Workers Compensation claims.

IMMEX offers a selection of ergonomic services.


Assistance in designing your office layout

Our ergonomist can provide practical advice in the setup off your office layout, workstation setup and furniture selection.


High Level General Assessment – office walk around

Our ergonomist will walk around a designated office area, providing a high level assessment, answering questions and offering general advice and suggestion. Major concerns will be highlighted.


Stretching and Exercise Programs

IMMEX physiotherapists can design programs for workers involved in manual activities or prolonged sitting to minimise injury and chronic pain.

For more information on Manual Handling and Exercise Programs CLICK HERE


Individual Detailed Ergonomic Assessment

A 45 minute at desk detailed personalised assessment covering all aspects of the employee’s posture, seating, lighting, chair, screen, and desk layout. The staff member will be given information, education and recommendations. You will receive a summary report.


Interactive Ergonomic Workshop

Our interactive presentation covers a range of topics including:

  • Causes of back/neck/shoulder pain
  • Effects of prolonged sitting
  • How to achieve good postural health
  • A look at core muscles
  • Lifting
  • Ergonomics – screen, chair, desk
  • Standing vs sitting desk
  • Working at home

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