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  Client Testimonials

I have been using the practitioners that consult from IMMEX since 2012 initially for workers compensation claims, then pre-employment and fitness for works. I was impressed with the level of service and timeframe to complete treatment/ further imaging investigation’s. This in itself reduced the timeframe our employees were on workers compensation significantly. I was further impressed that the Dr’s and physio attended our worksite to full understand the duties and tasks we complete. When the employees saw the Dr’s and physio walking around the worksite it broke down any barriers that our employees were concerned about. Secondly, the level of quality completed in Pre-employment medicals is by far impressive, the physiotherapist used their clinical experiences in addition to following protocol when completing the test, this has certainly saved us some future claimants. Thirdly the quality of fitness for work reports are high and have been able to rely on these reports in disputes, with success. Finally as IMMEX is a privately owned provider the level of service you receive from its administrative staff, nurses and physios is high, especially with a business with multiple sites across Sydney and having individual request to each site. I would highly recommend the use of IMMEX and the the practitioners that consult from there to any employer!

Key reasons why we use IMMEX

  1. The Dr’s consulting from IMMEX are proactive in providing conservative treatment and treatment is mostly commenced within an hour of seeing a Dr.
  2. If Dr requires an investigation’s it is also completed within a few hours

RE: Pre-employments, pricing is within ball park of other providers nationally, however the use of clinical experience by the physio in addition to protocol sets them above other providers for value for money.

Anthony Abousawan

Return to Work Co-ordinator, Transit Systems

Parkview Constructions has a fantastic collaborative relationship with the doctors that consult from IMMEX.  The Doctors consulting from there and the Allied Health Care professionals have a proactive approach with assisting us to not only treat our injured workers, they provide knowledge to help us both
manage injuries and conditions from the initial consultation.  We find this invaluable.

The professionals consulting from IMMEX work with our safety team and injured workers within the Worker’s Compensation legislation and what it means to be injured at work. Providing this knowledge to injured workers and assisting to reduce time away from work with a preventative approach is one of the main reasons we continue to use them.

The team at reception are efficient, good communicators and are always pleasant

Juliet McKenna

Injury Management Coordinator, Parkview Constructions

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