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As an employer, an integral part of providing a safe work environment is ensuring that your occupational health service practitioners work as an extension of your business. From recruitment all the way through to return to work post injury, your occupational health practitioners should be working with you hand in hand. When comparing occupational health service providers to find one that is suitable for your business you should look beyond just the price. Considerations for choosing occupational health practitioners that consult from IMMEX as your occupational health service partner include:


Fast Turn Around Times

Fast turnaround times for assessments such as Pre-Employment Medical Examinations impact your ability to mobilise new staff to sites or projects in a timely manner. IMMEX supports practitioners who provide Pre-Employment Medical Examinations to help manage your WHS risks and responsibilities by assessing the physical ability of a candidate to perform a particular role.

Following the assessment, your occupational medical practitioner will provide a report that includes a recommendation on the candidate’s medical suitability for the specific role and the risk of aggravating a pre-existing condition or developing a new condition. This enables you, the employer, to appropriately determine your course of action. Your doctor or physiotherapist will phone you to discuss any significant findings and our staff will ensure you receive the report within 24 hours.

Our aim is to support practitioners so they can provide the best injury management and medical examinations, assessment and reporting, based on evidence and the best possible return-to-work and return to life outcomes for workers in the shortest possible time.


Experts In the Field

IMMEX supports specialist occupational physicians and doctors with special interest and training in occupational medicine. All medical practitioners consulting from IMMEX are SIRA Authorised Medical Practitioners.

Also consulting from IMMEX is a team of SIRA approved physiotherapists, a SIRA approved psychologist and psychiatrists. These expert practitioners and allied health professionals are supported by our skilled support staff to ensure administrative processes are efficient and effective.


Account Management

Our Account Management team will ensure your specific business requirements are understood and implemented. Regular client meetings and site visits are organised for your practitioner and Account Management Team to ensure they understand your changing business needs, focus and challenges.


Why choose IMMEX and the practitioners we support?

  • 25% of all injured employees seen by practitioners IMMEX supports are discharged to Pre-Injury Duties within 1 day
  • Over 50% of all injured employees seen by practitioners IMMEX supports are discharged to Pre Injury Duties within 1 week
  • Only 4 in every 100 injured employees seen by practitioners IMMEX supports require an Unfit Certificate and over half of those are surgical patients (compared to SIRA NSW statistics which put the average lost time at approximately 10 weeks per claim)
  • 40% of employees with low back injuries seen by practitioners IMMEX supports are fully recovered and discharged to Pre-Injury Duties within 1 week
  • 75% of low back injuries are fully recovered and discharged to Pre-Injury Duties within 3 weeks
  • 90% of injured patients stay with practitioners IMMEX supports for the length of their treatment until Pre-Injury Duties discharge

You can expect better service when your practitioner is supported by IMMEX

  • Your calls and emails are answered promptly by IMMEX staff who know you and your Workers’ Compensation requirements
  • Your injured employees are greeted by IMMEX reception promptly and attended by medical staff within 15 minutes of arrival
  • Medical practitioners that we support and physiotherapy professionals contact and update you and your workers’ compensation agents on an individual’s progress and on general workers’ compensation matters
  • SIRA Certificates of Capacity are emailed promptly
  • Pre-Employment Medical results are emailed on the day of the assessment
  • Doctors and physiotherapists with a special interest and training in occupational medicine that we support, along with Occupational Physicians that consult from IMMEX work together to ensure you and your employees receive a safe and rapid return to Pre-Injury Duties

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