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 Functional Capacity Evaluations

IMMEX provides Functional Capacity Evaluations consisting of a series of screening tools and evaluations to gain a better understanding of a worker’s functional capacity for returning to their designated role post injury.

During the FCE, the worker is required to demonstrate their capacity to perform their usual duties so as to make an opinion regarding a safe return to pre-injury duties. In some circumstances the worker may also be required to demonstrate their capacity to perform more suitable or alternate duties available within their workplace, if it is deemed unsafe for the worker to return to their usual pre-injury duties.

An FCE is usually conducted in conjunction with a Fitness For Duties Assessment.


Functional Capacity Assessment

A Functional Capacity Assessment is conducted by one of our Physiotherapists as part of a broader Fitness for Duties Assessment that is led by an IMMEX Specialist Occupational Physician.



The testing performed is designed to simulate the job tasks that would be performed in the workplace environment. This may include lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, kneeling, squatting, gripping, reaching, bending, walking or standing.



Recommendations as to the employee’s ability to perform the pre-injury duties is discussed with the Specialist physician and input into their findings and report.

At Immex we aim to provide employers with individually tailored Functional Capacity Evaluations to assess an individual’s capacity for employment in a specific field in your industry or workplace environment.

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