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  Work Related Injury & Illness

The practitioner’s consulting from IMMEX’s and the nurses who support them are on hand to provide immediate treatment for non life-threatening injuries and illnesses sustained in the workplace. They operate an After Hours service for those who require extended hours to ensure appropriate medical attention is available 24/7.


The doctors and physiotherapists we support have a special interest and training in occupational medicine, and knowledge of the worker’s compensation legislation. They work together to ensure your employees receive objective, evidence based healthcare that will result in early recovery and allow early return to Pre-Injury Duties.


Your injured employees are greeted by IMMEX reception on arrival and attended to within 15 minutes.


Your practitioner understands the importance of communicating with you about the management and progress of your employee’s injury or illness.


Your practitioner will contact and update you and your workers’ compensation agents on an individual’s progress and on general workers’ compensation matters.


Your calls and emails are answered promptly by IMMEX staff who know you and your Workers’ Compensation requirements.


SIRA Certificates of Capacity are emailed promptly.


The practitioners consulting from IMMEX offer a Tele-Health After Hours Service for their clients whose working day extends beyond normal working hours.

Results Achieved by Practitioners consulting from IMMEX:


of their patients continue to consult with their practitioner for the length of their treatment until pre-injury duties discharge


of their patients with low back injuries are fully recovered and discharged to pre-injury duties within 3 weeks


of their patients are discharged to their pre-injury duties within 1 week


of all employees are discharged to their pre-injury duties within 1 day


What types of injuries do the practitioners consulting from IMMEX treat?

The practitioners we support treat non-life threatening injuries. They have special experience with injury to the back, neck, shoulder, ankle, knee, wrist or finger. Injuries they frequently treat include cuts, strains, sprains, minor eye injuries, minor burns, and uncomplicated fractures and broken bones.

What if I need physiotherapy?

IMMEX also supports physiotherapists experienced in occupational medicine at each of its clinics. The physiotherapists we support work closely with their patient’s doctor to provide a co-ordinated and effective treatment program that delivers the quickest path to recovery.

What happens if I injure myself at work?

When an injury occurs, advise your first aid office, manager or supervisor. They will arrange transportation and call IMMEX reception staff to advise us that you are on your way and the nature of your injury. They will email or fax a referral.

Will it cost me anything for my treatment?

Injuries sustained at work are covered by your employer’s workers compensation arrangements.

The practitioners consulting from IMMEX provide immediate treatment for non life-threatening injuries and illnesses sustained in the workplace.

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