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 Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

IMMEX offers our clients a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program supervised by Medical Review Officers (MRO) and Psychologists for employees that test positive for drugs or alcohol.


What is a Medical Review Officer (MRO)?

MROs are medical practitioners registered with the Australasian Medical Review Officers Association (AMROA) and have extra training, knowledge and understanding of:

  • substance abuse disorders and their management
  • drug and alcohol testing procedures and methodologies
  • pharmacology of illicit drugs
  • ethical and privacy issues surrounding workplace drug and alcohol testing
  • legislation and recommended standards relating to drug and alcohol programs
  • fitness for work and other medical related safety issues

IMMEX Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program overview:

  • Assessments by a Psychologist and an MRO
  • Drug and/or alcohol testing performed at random intervals on a monthly basis. (Minimum recommended program duration is 3 months or as per your organization’s policy)
  • The employee’s fitness to work is assessed, based on the history of drug or alcohol use, and compliance with the Rehabilitation Program

The program can be conducted in person or via Telehealth.

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