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 IMMEX Fit Testing Services

IMMEX offers respirator fit testing services to clients whose employees are potentially exposed to airborne contaminants.

All users of Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) are required to have a Fit Test at least once a year to comply with Standard AS/NZS 1715 S2(2.6). Respirator fit testing measures the leakage of air in a respirator when worn, to assess whether the respirator is providing an adequate face seal and the requisite protection.

At IMMEX we conduct quantitative fit testing using a Portacount machine to measure the actual amount of leakage into the respirator so that we are not relying on the user’s sense of taste, smell or irritation to detect leakage.

The assessment ensures that a satisfactory face seal is maintained while the user completes a series of moving, breathing and talking exercises designed to simulate the movements made in the work environment. It can be performed on any type of tight-fitting respirator.

IMMEX Fit Testing Services can be delivered both at your site(s) or at IMMEX.


What are the types of masks that need to be Fit Tested?
  • N95 disposable masks
  • Half face reusable masks
  • Full face reusable masks
When should I get Fit Testing done for my employees?

Fit testing for your employees should be done when:

  • A new respirator is issued to the employee
  • A new model of respirator is introduced
  • The respirator used by the employee is 12 months old
  • The employee has undergone excessive change in weight or dental work
Does the employee need to be prepared for anything before the assessment?

For an accurate Fit Testing result, the employee:

  • Must not smoke or chew gum at least an hour before the assessment
  • Must be clean shaven
  • Must carry the exact make, model, style, and size of respirator that he/she will be using at work
  • Preferably carry all PPE that he/she is required to wear along with the respirator eg. Hat, earmuff etc.
What is the difference between a quantitative and qualitative fit test?
  • A qualitative fit test is a subjective test that simply tests the wearer’s ability to taste or smell a test agent.
  • A quantitative fit test is an objective test that measures exactly how much air leaks into the respirator removing any subjectivity associated with an employee’s sensitivity.

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