Psychological Services

According to Beyond Blue, 3 million Australians are living with depression or anxiety. These conditions tend to affect people during their prime working years (16 to 64 years). Mental health problems are Australia’s leading cause of non-fatal disability, with depression and anxiety accounting for over half of this burden. Whether employers know it or not, a significant proportion of their employees (approximately 20 per cent) are likely to be experiencing a mental health problem at any one time.

This can have a direct impact on workplaces through absenteeism, reduced productivity and increased costs. There are considerable financial costs associated with mental health problems in the workplace including absenteeism, presenteeism (i.e. reduced productivity while at work), high staff turnover, accidents and workers’ compensation claims.

It is in the interests of employers to adopt an approach of early intervention to support employees with mental illness and promote mental health in the workplace. Each workplace is unique and for this reason there is no single formula to improve the mental health of employees in an organisation or business. However, early identification and intervention can be used by all employers to reduce the human and financial cost.

At Immex we aim to provide employers with individually tailored intervention programs for employees identified as suffering from a mental illness. Our Consultant Psychologist has over 20 years experience in the Occupational Health field working with both Government and Private Industry. Our medical team as a whole can provide assistance to employers with early identification of mental health issues and develop individual intervention plans. These plans include evidenced based treatment programs, recommendations with respect to work capacity, and Risk Management assessments. We also provide an advice and support service to Executive staff in the workplace management of employees suffering from a mental illness.