IMMEX – (Injury Management and Medical EXaminations) is a specialised occupational medical practice which been successfully operating since 1976. During this time, IMMEX has successfully established:

  1. A team of highly respected occupational medical practitioners, physiotherapists and psychologists providing a range of treatment and other services that enable businesses to effectively manage their workers compensation risks and responsibilities;
  2. A successful Medicolegal service, providing expert medical opinions. These assessments provide an independent, objective and unbiased view of the patient’s current level of function; and
  3. Corporate Health Services (CHS), comprising health and wellbeing programs such as stress and mental illness, drug and alcohol awareness and skin checks. The CHS also offers a number of Immunisation Programs, for example Influenza (flu) and Tetanus vaccinations.

Our success is based on the ability to be flexible and work with our clients on a partnership basis. We recognise no two businesses are the same, so we actively work with our clients to understand workers compensation challenges in the context of their wider operating environment.

Our aim is to provide the best injury management and medical examinations, assessment and reporting, based on evidence and the best possible return-to-work and return to life outcomes for workers in the shortest possible time. We strive to deliver a high level of service in all areas, including education, doctor and location accessibility and coaching by using a rigorous quality control system.


Our Expert Team

Our treating medical staff comprises of specialist occupational physicians and doctors with special interest and training in occupational medicine. All our medical practitioners have been officially appointed by WorkCover as Injury Management Consultants and WorkCover Authorised Medical Practitioners.

We also have a team of WorkCover approved physiotherapists and a WorkCover approved psychologist. Our expert team of medical practitioners and allied health professionals are supported by our skilled support staff to ensure administrative processes are efficient and effective.

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Our Clients

We work with companies of all sizes from medium-sized businesses to major private and Government corporations across a range of industries spanning construction, mining, transport, stevedoring, manufacturing and labour hire. We tailor our services to meet the specific industry and operational needs of our clients so they can concentrate on running their business.


Our Services

IMMEX has four core services. To find out more click on the links below

Treatment of Injured Workers

Pre-Employment Medical Assessments

Medico-legal – Provider of Independent Medical Assessments & Reports

Health Surveillance – Programs to support and reinforce a healthy and safe workplace


Medical Specialists and Allied Health Professionals 

The growth in our Occupational Healthcare business is now generating a growing number of medico legal referrals from our large, diversified referral base consisting of all the major insurance and self insurance companies, solicitors and government agencies. The growth of our medico legal referrals has now led IMMEX to recruit a number of additional medical specialists to provide independent medical opinions.

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