IMMEX is now offering Quantitative Fit Testing for all clients whose employees need to wear close fitting respirators in their workplaces.

The assessment ensures that a satisfactory face seal is maintained while the user completes a series of moving, breathing and talking exercises designed to simulate the movements made in the working environment. The assessments can be performed on any type of tight-fitting respirator.

As per WH&S legislations, conducting a Fit Test is advised when:
• Issuing a new respirator
• The respirator has been in service for a period of 12 months
• The wearer has experienced excessive weight gain or loss
• The wearer has undergone major dental work

Some important benefits of Fit Testing are:
• Employers are able to objectively assess and make an informed decision on whether employees are wearing the appropriate mask for their tasks
• Reduces the risk of employees developing Chronic Respiratory Illnesses and thus avoid expensive work cover claims
• Adherence to compliance in monitoring the health of workers
• Can be easily combined with regular Hazardous Chemicals, Silica or Asbestos medicals
• Can be performed at IMMEX or onsite

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