Before you begin your audio/visual consult with the Doctor; Please read below:

Call the Doctor on the After Hours mobile on 02 9581 1099.
The Doctor will assess if an audio/visual is necessary

Android Mobile Devices:

Zoom App is required

Android Devices:

Samsung, Google Pixel, Oppo, Huawei, Nokia, Sony etc.

IOS Mobile Devices:

Zoom App is required


IOS is the operating system for Apple devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Mac laptops etc.

Desktop Computers:

Zoom is not required

Select “Open with your browser”

To ensure you connect with the Doctor smoothly, without setbacks, it is best to download the Zoom App through your device store.

You will not need a username/login or password; the App just needs to exist in your phone.

To prompt a download, please click on the link 

Once you have your Zoom App installed, you can proceed to click on the Doctor you wish to connect with. In doing so, you will be prompted the following and you will need to select/tap “Allow”

– Authorise your Camera to access Zoom
– Authorise your Mic to access Zoom

It may not be in that order, but those will be the prompts prior to connecting with your Doctor.

Dr Aji Chara
Meeting ID: 910 005 8761
Passcode: yqsw6P
Dr William Ma
Meeting ID: 3671795057
Passcode: m4xWX0
Dr Kevin Siu
Meeting ID: 609 513 4394
Passcode: WD17nW
Dr John Kyriazis
Meeting ID: 921 538 2126
Passcode: E0M9Bc
Dr Jane Muir
Meeting ID: 376 651 5500
Passcode: dBw2M9
Dr Jamshid Roozi Talab
Meeting ID: 878 906 3730
Passcode iDZ029
Dr Ben Lim
Meeting ID: 372 340 1851
Passcode: AB8ZdF
Dr Stephen Simmons
Meeting ID: Pending
Meeting ID: 299 092 1517
Passcode: 172689