Treatment Of Injured Workers

Treatment of Injured Workers

Why choose IMMEX as your preferred medical provider?

You can expect better results with IMMEX

  • 25% of all injured employees seen at IMMEX are discharged to Pre-Injury Duties within 1 day
  • Over 50% of all injured employees seen at IMMEX are discharged to Pre Injury Duties within 1 week
  • Only 4 in every 100 injured employees seen at IMMEX require an Unfit Certificate and over half of those are surgical patients (compared to WorkCover NSW statistics which put the average lost time at approximately 10 weeks per claim)
  • 40% of employees with low back injuries seen at IMMEX are fully recovered and discharged to Pre-Injury Duties within 1 week
  • 75% of low back injuries are fully recovered and discharged to Pre-Injury Duties within 3 weeks
  • 90% of injured patients stay with IMMEX for the length of their treatment until Pre-Injury Duties discharge

You can expect better service with IMMEX

IMMEX has been Sydney’s most trusted Occupational Medical Specialist practice since 1976.

  • Your calls and emails are answered promptly by IMMEX staff who know you and your Workers’ Compensation requirements
  • Your injured employees are greeted by IMMEX reception promptly and attended by medical staff within 15 minutes of arrival
  • IMMEX’s medical and physiotherapy professionals contact and update you and your workers’ compenstion agents on an individual’s progress and on general workers’ compensation matters
  • WorkCover Certificates of Capacity emailed promptly
  • Pre-Employment Medical results emailed on the day of the assessment
  • Doctors and physiotherapists with a special interest and training in occupational medicine, along with Occupational Physicians, work together under the same roof to ensure you and your employees receive a safe and rapid return to Pre-Injury Duties
  • IMMEX patients are given priority service at the nearby X ray facility
  • Injury Management Consultant (IMC), Independent Medical Examination (IME), Medicolegal, Motor Accident Authority (MAA) and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) appointments with the medical professional of your choice, across multiple locations in Sydney (Metro & Regional), Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & Tasmania
  • IMMEX enables employers and their agents to manage their workers’ compensation risks and responsibilities. We achieve this by providing convenient, reliable, cost effective treatment and prevention of workplace injury or illness

General Enquiries
Call (02) 9319 5999

Medicolegal Enquiries
Call 1300 1 IMMEX (46639)

8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday

IMMEX After Hours Medical Service

IMMEX offers clients a 24/7 injury treatment service where your injured employees can receive medical treatment out of normal IMMEX hours. Our after hours medical service runs from 6pm to 8am, Monday to Friday, as well as weekends and Public Holidays.

The IMMEX After Hours Medical Service is an additional, opt-in IMMEX service.

For more information, please call IMMEX on (02) 9319 5999.