Pre Employment Medicals

Pre-Employment Medicals

IMMEX Pre-Employment Medicals

IMMEX Pre-Employment Medical Examinations help to manage your WHS risks and responsibilities by assessing the physical ability of a candidate to perform a particular role.

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Results are emailed within 1 working day of the medical examination (when not waiting on external results).

Types of IMMEX Pre-Employment Medical Examinations

PP1 – Basic Pre-Employment Medical:

    • Blood Pressure & Pulse
    • Vision Acuity & Colour Test (Ishihara test)
    • Height & Weight
    • Body Mass Index
    • Urine Analysis

An experienced IMMEX WorkCover accredited medical practitioner will review the results of the candidate’s questionnaire and initial tests results prior to assessing the candidate themselves. The IMMEX doctor will assess and consolidate all relevant aspects of the candidate’s medical history and physical condition to make a recommendation in relation to the candidate’s ability to perform the proposed role.

PP2 – Pre-Employment Medical (PP1) plus Audiometry (hearing) test

PP3 – Pre-Employment Medical (PP2) plus Spirometry (lung function) test

Additional Tests to Combine with Pre-Employment Examinations

    • Urine Drug Screen (only)
    • Alcohol Breath Test (only)
    • Urine Drug Screen and Alcohol Breath Test
    • Chain of Custody Test (for non negative urine drug results)
    • Functional/Fitness Assessments

Functional/Fitness Assessments

Functional and fitness assessments are performed by our physiotherapists as an adjunct to the pre-employment medical process. These assessments are designed to cover flexibility and strength, task matched to the job description. The assessment will provide you with a better indication of the candidate’s physical capacity, allowing you to appropriately match a job to the applicant’s functional capacity.

During an assessment the physiotherapists check manual handling techniques and provide education to correct and reinforce safe manual handling practices. We strongly recommend the benefits of conducting this assessment on candidates applying for positions with an increased risk of injury, high injury rates or unusual physical demand that might result in injury, for example ceiling-fixers, baggage handlers, and tunnellers. If there are specific physical tasks required for the position, our physiotherapists will design a test to mimic and assess the candidate’s ability to undertake that specific function for example, a baggage handling test replicating work carried out in a plane’s hold.

Stand Alone Medical Examinations

We are able to tailor our services to your requirements, whether it is meeting industry specific requirements or individual business needs.

Industry Specific Medical Examinations

We also perform industry specific medical assessments including:

    • Railcorp Medicals (CAT 1, CAT 2 & CAT 3)
    • Trucksafe Medicals
    • Hazardous Substance Medicals (Including Spray Painter, Pesticide, Lead, Asbestos)
    • Confined Space Medicals
    • Aviation Medicals (CASA & CAANZ)
    • QLD Coal Miner’s Medicals (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
    • Travel Medical Examinations
    • HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)
    • Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)

Other Pre-Employment Medicals can also be developed after consultation with IMMEX doctors

Additional Services

    • X Ray
    • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • Pathology (blood) tests
    • Vaccinations
    • Audiometry (hearing) Test
    • Spirometry (lung function) Test

What does the assessment involve?

1. Questionnaire

When your candidate arrives for their pre employment medical, the receptionist will ask them to show photo ID and complete a questionnaire. The questions are designed to specifically focus on any previous motor vehicle accident/s, workers compensation claims and any problems experienced due to chemicals, dust and certain foods.

2. Preliminary Screening

A nurse will measure and assess the candidate’s height and weight, calculate Body Mass Index (BMI), pulse and blood pressure, visual testing and a routine urine analysis for blood, glucose and protein.

3. Fitness Test

The candidate may be required to complete a functional or fitness test which will assess flexibility and strength, task matching to the candidate’s proposed job. The assessment will provide the employer with a better indication of the candidate’s physical capacity, allowing you to appropriately match a job to the candidate’s functional capacity.

4. Medical assessment

An occupational medical practitioner will then further explore and discuss all relevant aspects of the candidate’s medical and occupational history and perform a detailed physical examination.

5. Report

Following the assessment, our occupational medical practitioners will provide a report that includes a recommendation on the candidate’s medical suitability for the specific role and the risk of aggravating a pre-existing condition or developing a new condition. This enables you, the employer, to appropriately determine your course of action. The doctor or physiotherapist will phone you to discuss any significant findings and will ensure you receive the report within 24 hours.

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