Medical Opinion & Assessments

IMMEX provides high quality medico-legal and impairment evaluations. Our medical specialists variously hold accreditation with Motor Accident Authority (NSW), WorkCover NSW and Comcare. Medicolegal Assessment services are available at the request of insurance agencies or solicitors working with clients in the following areas:

  • Independent Medical Examinations (IME)
  • Injury Management Consultations (IMC)
  • Workers Compensation Examinations and Reports
  • Motor Vehicle – Compulsory Third Party (CTP)
  • Medical Negligence Reports
  • Pre-Employment Medicals & Assessments
  • Return to Work Medicals & Assessments
  • Specialised Medicolegal Reports
  • Life and Disability Assessment and Reports
  • Capacity to Work Assessments – Earning Capacity
  • File Reviews
  • Coaching Services (Injury Management & Claims)

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IMMEX Education and Coaching

At IMMEX we understand the complexity of injuries and insurance related requirements. To assist you gaining the best possible medicolegal assessment, IMMEX provides a number of tailored educational and coaching plans to suit you and your business.

These services include:

    • Seminars on a range of medical topics and injuries
    • On-site tailored workshops to suit you and your business
    • Coaching sessions for an interactive learning experience
    • Telephone support staff service



Being a part of IMMEX you will enjoy the benefits of direct access to a complete range of medical professionals not only in all CBD locations but also in all rural locations across New South Wales. IMMEX Medico Legal can arrange specialists at any location to assist you in achieving a detailed, evidence based assessment and report in the shortest period of time.

Our locations include:

  • Sydney
  • Liverpool
  • Parramatta
  • Waterloo
  • Newcastle
  • Canberra
  • Wollongong
  • Ballina
  • Dubbo
  • Gosford
  • Lismore
  • Port Macquarie
  • Tamworth
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Tasmania


Below is a list of our doctors’ specialties. Click on the specialty for a description


Asthma, dermatitis, hives, food, drug & insect allergy, immune deficiency.


Opinions re: clinical anaesthesia and death-related issues (Medical Negligence Claims).


Assault, motor vehicle, work accidents, viral disease, heart attack, angina, hypertension, pericarditis, mitral regurgitation. Death-related issues & medical negligence.

Cranio-maxillary Facial Surgeon

Jaw, eyes/eye socket, cheeks, nose, plastic surgery involving face & neck, nerves to head and neck, gun shot wounds, car and industrial accidents.


Teeth/mouth injuries, jaw/bite problems, (temporo-mandibular), motor vehicle accident, assault, loss of teeth.


Skin disease and allergic reactions, skin cancers, melanomas, cutaneous lesions, solar keratoses, psoriasis, moles, vitiligo.


Endocrinology matters & medical negligence.

ENT Surgeon

Industrial Deafness, nose/sinus, breathing problems, balance problems, tinnitus, loss of taste and smell. Allergy testing.


Liver disease, Hep C, bowel symptoms – all gastrointestinal.


Gynaecological/obstetric matters. Pelvic bruising, car accidents, assault. Loss of sexual function. Medical negligence.

Hand Surgeon

Carpal tunnel, de Quervain’s tenosynovitis, epicondylitis, nerve injury, trauma, burns, Dupuytren’s contracture, reflex sympathetic dystrophy.


Neck & back pain, headache, migraine, stroke, peripheral nerves, EMG studies, multiple sclerosis.


Neck and back injuries, spinal disc problems, brain & peripheral nerve.

Occupational Physician

Neck, back, upper & lower limb musculoskeletal, soft tissue injuries, carpal tunnel, epicondylitis, hernia, ganglion, asbestos & chemicals poisons, “Q” fever, Ross River Fever, work site assessments, occupational asthma, fitness for employment.

Occupational Therapist

Earning capacity assessments, ergonomic assessments, worksite assessments, functional capacity assessments.


Medical oncology, palliative medicine, radiation oncology, file reviews.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

All musculoskeletal injuries