NEW Psychological Pre-Employment Screening Service!

Recently we have been approached by a number of our Local Council client organisations to discuss psychological screening for a range of positions that directly involve Public Compliance. This has arisen because of concerns about risk assessment, rapid turnover of staff and a higher incidence of absenteeism and workers’ compensation claims for staff employed in these roles.

Target Population

In consultation with our client organisations we have developed a psychological pre-employment screening process that augments our clients’ existing recruitment process for positions involving Compliance. Most typically these positions are, Parking Officers/ Rangers, Developmental Compliance Officers, Developmental Control Officers and Environmental Health Officers. Typically these roles involve face to face contact with the general public to assess, investigate and report on Compliance issues relating to Local Council regulations. The screening process can be used for recruitment of new employees, for existing employees applying for a Compliance role or for existing employees working in Compliance roles if they are deemed to be at risk.

Psychological Screening Process

  1. The employer refers short listed recruitment candidates or existing employees applying for a Compliance Role or those working in a Compliance Role who have been identified as at risk.
  2. The candidate/employee attends the offices of IMMEX for:
    1. A brief interview with our Consultant Psychologist focusing on Psychological risk factors and employment history.
    2. The candidate/employee completes a brief questionnaire (37 items) targeted to Behavioural Anger Responses. The results of this questionnaire are then scored and the result interpreted in the report provided to the employer indicating whether the candidate/employee is likely to be suited to a Compliance Role and identifies areas of concern.
    3. The candidate/employee completes an online inventory (344 items) of adult personality and psychopathology on a desk top computer and under the direct supervision of the Consultant Psychologist. In the case of prospective candidates, the primary objective is to identify and screen out emotionally unstable or unsuitable applicants. The results also assist the Consultant Psychologist to identify positive psychological characteristics that are associated with successful performance of essential job functions.
  3. The Consultant psychologist then provides the employer with a report indicating the suitability of the candidate/employee for a Compliance Role. When an existing employee presents with a number of behavioural ‘red flags’ the employer is advised of these.
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