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IMMEX is a specialised Occupational Health and Medical Practice, established in1976.

Our purpose is the maintenance of health and wellbeing in the workplace, preventing and treating workplace injury and illness and providing independent, expert medical opinion.

Medical Alert: Coronavirus

In accordance with Australian Public Health advice, IMMEX asks that any individuals who begin experiencing respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) and have recently travelled to China or had contact with someone diagnosed with the novel coronavirus within the last 14 days go to the nearest hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

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Our Results


of patients stay with IMMEX for the length of their treatment until Pre-Injury Duties discharge


of patients with low back injuries are fully recovered and discharged to Pre-Injury Duties within 3 weeks


of all patients with an injury treated at IMMEX are discharged to their pre-injury duties within 1 week


of all employees with an injury treated at IMMEX are discharged to pre-injury duties within 1 day

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Client Testimonials

IMMEX is a one stop shop for injury management with a variety of services offered.  Our organisation provides a free cab service
to IMMEX then back to work, while the doctors and physiotherapists treat our staff.  The service has assist our organisation
reduce lost time injuries and recovery time frames for our staff.  IMMEX provide excellent early intervention strategies and our
staff feel very supported, when utilising the service.

Fiona McGivern

Injury Management and Safety Systems Consultant, St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney

Health Blog

What is a Pre Employment Medical?

The main reason for Pre Employment Medicals is to identify high risk candidates before they are your responsibility. Help you manage your OHS risks and responsibilities.

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